Raspy Rivera
Michael Lavelle x Raspy Rivera

Emerging as one of Chicago’s most celebrated creative artists Raspy Rivera uses her abstract expressions to debut a custom design on Michael Lavelle’s 2018 Zinfandel.

Over the last 6 months Raspy has worked alongside the Michael Lavelle team to develop a new take on its beloved “Iris Flower” logo. Each bottle barres the artist's signature faces while showcasing the depth, luxury, and prominence of the 2018 Iris Zinfandel. Infusing both worlds of artistic expression in design and premium, high quality wine. Like the Iris Zinfandel, Raspy’s art is unique, bold, and robust.

Amanda Rivera is a Puerto Rican actress & artist from Logan Square, whose warm radio voice deemed her the nickname, Raspy Rivera.

Her love for drawing & painting was reawakened during the pandemic when she was faced with being immobilized for eight weeks as a result of fainting down a flight of stairs. Being forced to sit still and slow down, uprooted a lot for her; including a new found desire to share her he(art). The blessing of downtime created a safe space for her to pour into her hidden talent & it quickly became the best way to fulfill her need for artistic expression since she couldn't be on set.

Her artwork is similar to fingerprints in that no two pieces are alike. Raspy Rivera’s hope is that those viewing her work are able to identify themselves or someone they love in her imperfect faces & honor the beauty of their individuality.

Raspy Rivera’s first collaboration was with The Library at Soho House Chicago highlighting Women’s History Month in March 2021. Her most recent work can be found adorning the wallpaper of newly awarded Michelin star, Esmé & embrh; a Latina owned private esthetics studio and rotating market. Raspy was one of the first Artist-In-Residence at The Ambassador Chicago and is currently the inaugural Artist-In-Residence at The Emily Hotel Chicago. She continues to collaborate with major brands, hotels & organizations to bring joy to their clients & customers. Keep up with Raspy's most recent projects, commissions & collaborations on her Instagram @Raspyrivera